We had developed the new company Oasis Olives Peru as partners with Australian investment, A modern Project of 2000Ha of olive plantation in the area of the city Ica in Peru. We had established the turn key project from establishing the legal company in Peru (including the name), to buy the land, to import and plant the trees to growth development.

The olive production were scheduled and intended for exporting for the European market mainly but also with the possibility for the national market.

Besides of the establishing of the olive project we developed also the industrial part, where it had been planned a prospect of building the factory of processing the olives into the olive oil.

Our human resource is carefully selected and formed from professionals internationally recognize for their expertise in the field. The group formed by experts with expertise and professionalism in their field. Same the field staff were with an extensive experience and capable in applying the international norms and the established quality standards.
ANTECEDENTS - A little history of the olive trees
The olives are known for approximately 5.000 years in the Middle East (old Mesopotámica region).The olive tree is a tree belonging to the botanical family of the oleáceas. Their main characteristics are: leaves dark green, simple, of lanceolada form with formed edges.

It is an evergreen tree, which usually live two or three years. The flower is small with heavy trunk and its grayish crust. The fruit is the olive yellowish green color, whose pulp is oily once it has arrived at the maturity. The bone within the fruit locks up the seed. It requires much sun and it damages the excessive humidity. It is a centennial tree that begins to produce fruit from the three years of age. Its production begins between the seventh and ninth year, and is increased when increasing its age. Its productivity becomes stabilized between the 65 and 80 years of age.

The olive tree is associated with Mediterranean climate characterized by smooth winters and warm summers, practically without rain. That is why the area of Ica of where we develop the project is ideal.
Olive oil classification
Virgin Olive oil is obtained by procedures that do not alter the product essential properties, and it is classified in:

Extra Virgin: Irreproachable flavor and acidity expressed in oleic acid non superior to a degree.
Virgen Fine: Irreproachable flavor and acidity expressed in oleic acid non superior to a degree.
Current: Regular flavor and acidity non superior to 3,3 degrees.
Lampante: Defective flavor and acidity superior to 3,3 degrees.

The world-wide olive oil production is considered to be more than 2 million tons. Spain and Italy produces 50%. The European Union altogether 75% of the global production.